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Multiple award-winning Nollywood actor, producer, philanthropist, and entrepreneur, Jim Iyke is one of Africa's most prominent and controversial public figures. In the course of an illustrious career spanning over 250 movies and two decades, Jim Iyke gained the sobriquet, 'The Bad Boy of Nollywood' and won his way into the hearts of millions of fans around the world.

Charismatic, stylish, and accomplished, Jim Iyke is considered one of the most influential African personalities in the world. A serial entrepreneur, Jim Iyke has also proven himself as a savvy and dynamic businessman with successful ventures in Agriculture, Oil and Gas, Luxury Automobiles, Fashion, and Real Estate in Africa and beyond.

His venturous nature compels him to constantly question the status quo, reinvent himself and walk on paths others fear to tread. Jim has lived a multifaceted life and amassed a plethora of experiences, which he shares with the world for the first time as an author, through the eBook series, The Gift in The Odds.


eBOOK Series

The GIFT in the ODDS

Walking Through Walls - This is the first e-Book by Jim Iyke, and it will be available on Amazon Kindle and Apple iBook stores. Grab your copy, and let me you on the journey that will enlighten and spark your brain.

The Mission

To Inspire

Think outside the box - Focus on your goals - African Hollywood award, African Achievement award and most recently best African actor.

To Spark & Stimulate Your Thoughts

Iyke is generally regarded as a fashion Icon, and one of the best dressed African celebrity. His avant-garde and unconventional sense of style and individuality has endeared him to millions of fans across the continent, and even more in the Diaspora.

To Motivate

English and Igbo fluently, and passable French. Jim loves to cycle, and has traveled around the world; he is an avid reader of almost every media, and loves to write poetry. He also mastered martial art, and has earned a Black Belt in Ti Quan Do.