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Walking Through Walls


About Walking Through Walls

Walking Through Walls is the first Volume in Jim Iyke's groundbreaking new book series, The Gift in the Odds!

Most people know Jim Iyke as a Nollywood Bad-boy Actor, but very few know the events that shaped him. Jim Iyke grew up as an only son in a family of girls in one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the suburbs of Abuja. His dad's unconventional solutions to keeping his heir-apparent out of neighborhood gangs became the stimulus for the awakening of latent abilities that would form the backbone of one of Nollywood's most celebrated acting careers.

As he grew up, Jim found out the hard way that the world was filled with people who would always try to take advantage of those who looked weaker, so he learned to stand for himself, fight for those who were weak and hone the power of his mind till it became a weapon.  He became the dragon, always ready to spit fire and lash out when provoked.

From simple beginnings, Jim surmounted the odds to become one of the most successful and highest-paid actors in Africa. On the heels of fame came controversy, and Jim's penchant for combative and roisterous behavior soon mirrored the villains, rogues and 'bad-boy' roles he played in movies. And so – the moniker 'The Bad Boy of Nollywood" was born.

Walking Through Walls traces Jim's metamorphosis from a pre-teen misfit at odds with the polarities in his nature to a hell-raising firebrand with a taste for outrageous and scandalous behavior and finally to a philosophical, visionary entrepreneur with the world at his feet. It is a story of grit, determination and tenacity and how one man's determination to take charge of his life and reinvent his story became one of Africa's most remarkable success stories.

Jim has gained a reputation as a lover and a fighter, and now he lets you in, as he draws back the curtain on how he became the Bad Boy of Nollywood and reveals Jim Iyke, as you've never seen him before!

"I had experienced vulnerability and strength, often at the same time. I was intimately familiar with the chord of selflessness that often ran through the most 'villainous' acts. I knew the self-serving and narcissistic edge that tinged many 'altruistic' deeds. My life had taught me that every emotion, every character trait, and every single human being was an integral part of the big picture, and I felt honored to have a career that allowed me to thoroughly immerse myself in the shades of grey that mark the human experience."

Jim Iyke, from 'Walking Through Walls'

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